Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can I sue someone for false accusation? ?

OK my girlfriend and I just moved out of my college apartment. I had 3 roommates. 2 of which are my friend but the third turned out into a *** hole. When he first moved in the apartment me and him were cool we were ok no problems. Most of the time we would hang out and drink. I thought everything was ok but it soon turned out that he started stealing our food. Well when we moved out his laptop was sitting on the small coffee table next to the window. Yesterday I get a phone call from the campus police saying that I stole his laptop. I didnt or I wouldnt ask if I could sue somebody. I have called my friends that helped me move if they accidentally picked it up and they do not have it. The cops do know about the program LOJACK its for stolen laptops they can see where it is. They have yet to do it. If it turns out he is just hiding the laptop from everyone and he gets caught can I sue him for accusing me of stealing it?Can I sue someone for false accusation? ?
If you can prove he is maliciously accusing you (and falsely for that matter) you can sue him for whatever monetary damages you are out (legal fees, etc.) The police can also charge him with falsifying a police report. You can't sue him for anything if he really believes you took it and asked the police to look into it.Can I sue someone for false accusation? ?
The campus police would have come and arrested you if they had the proof that you had stolen the laptop. I think they received a complaint and are ';shaking the bushes'; to see what comes up.

If your ex-roomate is trying to scam a new laptop, he's running the risk of a fraud/ false police report charge.

As you haven't incurred any financial loss because of the accusation, chances are that you'd be wasting your time if you were to sue.
Well that does sound vaguely like libel. Although what will likely happen if that he does turn out to have it is the cops will nail him for filing a fraudulent report.

Most college campuses have people who offer free legal advice to students, or have access to lawyers who take care of students for reduced rates. They would be the people who could point you in the right direction.

Good luck.
i doubt u can sue but he can get in some serious trouble for calling the cops without real cause.
contact a lawyer for legal options
Basic rule of thumb, if you sue someone your chance of winning and what you win is related to how badly you were injured. Was your reputation damaged so badly that you can't get a job?

Were you locked in prison and unable to pursue your career or education?

Did you have to pay out money on account of this?

How were you injured?

If you were not then what is the basis of your law suit, what damages are you trying to recover?

You can always sue someone if you can find a lawyer to accept your case but you do not always win and do usually have to pay the lawyer.

The above are also correct. The police spend money and time for an investigation and they get annoyed when people waste their time and money. The police may deal with this person if it turns out to be a lie.

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