Sunday, February 7, 2010

How do you feel about people who make false accusations against others just for the intention to start trouble?

Because they luv the drama. Apparently whomever they are irrated with has proven themselves to be the better person and that angers them even more. That kind thrives on drama and you are correct - they luv to start trouble. Avoid them and hopefully someday they will move on once they figure it out that it doesn't mean diddly to you. :)How do you feel about people who make false accusations against others just for the intention to start trouble?
I hate them you know I work with a couple people like that. They are so nice to your face then go behind you back and make up lies. I think they should be shot. I think they are unsecure and have a low self esteem so they try to bring everybody else down with them. Don't buy into the crap just walk away.How do you feel about people who make false accusations against others just for the intention to start trouble?
They have low self-esteem and because they are unhappy with themselves and unhappy about their lives, they want to bring others down sadly.

They think it's fun and funny, but anyone with true good self-esteem would not find it a laughing matter!

That and they HAAAAAAAVE to be right about everything, or it is the end of the world catastrophe!
It's really annoying. I once punched my friend for doing that and he stopped.

well just for a while and then he started doing it again but not to me. as long as he doesn't bother me again i don't really care that much.
They are people without a conscience who need to be awakened with a quick kick to the head. I've been around these people and before too long everyone hates them. They are attention seeking buttheads.
I think they should be thrown into a room with the door locked, and the Jonas Brothers music being played nonstop until they learn their lesson.
They should be set on fire..I HATE those people, and then they cant fight so they start all this trouble and when you confront them and beat them up they want to call the police...sissys'
Bleah. Drama seekers and pathological liars with no lives of their own. I avoid them. If I have to work with them, I cover my backside.
They have attention issues if it's lying for nothing, otherwise they're just trying to make quick money in a court case.
More unnecessary drama and I automatically think they are a big hypocrite.

they are more then just a pest read about how to better recognize one here鈥?/a>
Do you go to my church? lol

There are always those few that have nothing more exciting to do. They should come on this forum and see.
They bore me. With all that happens in a day in life, there is little need to stir the pot.
Drama queens. They suck.
They are despicable. I breeze past them like they are invisible.
I think that they're ******* stupid. I have someone doing that **** right now. He's just pissed because he's lame and I'm not.
Aren't you supposed to be at school or something?

But anyways, I kill them.
Pathetic and self-destructive.
I feel bad about it, I had a joke removed yesterday that was a question! i was reported....
they have nothing intersting in thewre own life so they start **** with other people to make them feel good
weak haters - should be dropped off a helicopter!
I try to avoid them because they're doing the same thing behind your back.
i think they a bullies who like to cause trouble and belongs in one place only, prison
People who have no life!


I hate people like those.
like my brother. its just a bored person that doesn't have there own life... to be making up stuff about somebody elses.
no feelings.
Why did you just steal my question??

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