Sunday, February 7, 2010

Someone is making false accusations towards me, threatening the police on me. What should i do?

So theres a 16 yr old boy who is going to a few of my friends houses and even waiting outside of my friend's school looking for me because he is 100% positive i egged his car, when i didn't even do it. He's also trying to say that i put a construction cone on top of his car. He's looking for my address for god knows whatever reason, but do you think i can get in trouble with the cops if he has no proof?Someone is making false accusations towards me, threatening the police on me. What should i do?
Nope. They have to have proof that you did it. Trust me. I have teenagers and one boy who used to be my sons friend has egged our house, our truck, destroyed my flower beds, slashed my husbands tires, TP'd us (which isn't a big deal to me) and broke into my oldest sons car, breaking the locks and stealing his faceplate and other things. We know exactly who did it and my son heard him bragging about it at school....but the cops can't do anything because they have no proof. It's sad, really.Someone is making false accusations towards me, threatening the police on me. What should i do?
You're welcome. I would like to might not be a bad idea to have one of your parents call the police and tell them whats going on. Then they are aware and will probably talk to the boy about his harrassment of you. You shouldn't have to deal with that. Good luck.

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Call their bluff. Tell them to call the police and after everything is settled and you've been proven innocent, tell him you will be a very rich man because not only will you sue him for making false accusations, but you'll sue the police and the city for false arrest. And he'll be charged with making a false police report. That should shut him up.
No, you can't IF he has no proof. But, if it is bothering you this much you SHOULD tell your parents. His actions are the same as those of a Stalker and every state has Anti-Stalking laws. Talk to your parents! Also, tell your school counselor %26amp; teachers about this. This is for your own protection.
no lol. you're fine, don't worry, as this is petty crap they won't waste thier time on. Like they are actually going to spend an actual minute on finding out who put some cone on a guys car. You're in the clear!!!! He's full of ****.
Can he call the police, yes. Will you get into trouble, no, not if there is no evidence proving this.

If you have a cell phone and he says that he is going to call the police, tell him, ';No, I will call the police on you for harassment.';
If you didn't do anything, tell him ';GO AHEAD CALL THE COPS';. You call the cops. It sounds like to me this punk is harrasing you too.
no u cant do him for harassement x
i would talk to an officer about it, i'm sure one local to you would be happy to help.

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